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Sustainability Commitment

To preserve the wonderful marine environment, we at Sub Oceanic are committed to contribute above and below the surface of Maldivian waters. Starting with simple changes like eliminating all unnecessary single use plastic at our Centers on Hilton Maldives, we continue below the surface with environmental projects as well. One which drew a lot of attention from media, guest but also other dive centers around is

A unique project initiated by our resident marine biologists at Hilton Maldives. With the support of the resort and the whole dive and watersports team we have created an area of more than 1 000 square meters providing shelter for marine life in the lagoon of Hilton Maldives Amingiri – all of which in a 100 % sustainable manner…

The concept itself is as easy it can be. Discharged Material of whatever kind are handed over to our marine biologists and are manually selected from various perspectives like pollution aspects, amount of shelter, reactiveness of the surface, base material for coral growth and attachments. Once this is done the hard work comes. Over 100s of dives our team has created an area like a sustainable underwater theme park. i.e. more than 5 000 glass bottles contributing to the great barrier reef or better said great “bar”ier reef. Placed in a 90 degree angle to the prevailing currents it provides a line of 100 meters protection to drifting juvenile fishes and corals… Damsels getting sheltered by a chess board. A well cleaned old barrel became a cleaning station for 100 of fishes. Thousands of glassfishes found shelter in an area which was completely set up with broken corals protected from wave damage… And those are only a few examples. Our Underwater Habitat grows nicely from day to day and it has also proved to be resistant during the summer of 2023 when the water temperatures were constantly above ideal levels…

At Le Meridien Maldives we

...are trying to contribute under the guidance of our resident marine biologists in Turtle and Seagrass research. Together with our guests the aim is to take photos of the turtles’ facial scales to identify and track them. So far more of 30 individuals have already been added to a database. In terms of seagrass we are educating our guest and the surrounding local islands about its importance to the marine systems – with huge success… On another sustainable note we are proud to announce that all of our Sub Oceanic operations no longer use single use plastic. It seems simple to do so in environments with well-developed infrastructures, but to get so far in the remote location of the Maldives took a lot of effort of our resort partners and our teams! Not only nature honors that work so does SSI – they awarded our center at Hilton Maldives Amingiri with the Blue Oceans Award for green compliance and sustainability

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