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The answer is clearly a resort and the reason is very simple. In Maldives everything depends on the current. Currents are more or less predictable for the next day. Dive centers based in resorts have the opportunity to plan their dive sites regarding the current conditions. Liveaboards do have the disadvantage that they need to decide on the route on the day they start their trip. That means depending on the trip length a liveaboard would need to predict the current for five to 10 days which is simply impossible.

You hear a lot about certain dive sites like Kandooma Thila or Miyaru Kandu which are famous for its incredible shark encounters. Fact is that you can have the same encounters in any type of dive site with a similar structure and the right current. The reason why some of those dive sites became so famous is because of the high traffic of divers and consequently the amount of published pictures from there. And actually the high traffic under water is exactly what divers do not look for when they dive in the Maldives. There is actually no need to visit famous places which are crowded by other divers and dive boats.

On top of that Liveaboards accommodate usually 30 to 40 divers which will be throughout on the same dives with you. That does not only have an impact on your pristine dive experience, it also scares marine life like Manta Rays or Sharks away…

34% O2! It won’t restrict you anymore than the Maldivian diving regulations in the depths limit and gives you the longest possible bottom time.

Yes – all our centers provide EANx 34 free of charge for all certified Nitrox divers.

Absolutely. Once you have booked your stay in any of the resort partners in which we are operating in, please simply contact us. You can register yourself completely free of charge via the SSI website and affiliate to our dive center on the island. The moment this is done we can activate already the according course material for you. You have access to the material in any possible language for a lifetime. There won’t be any charges at this point. Only once your course is completed successfully the final course charge will apply as displayed in our price lists. To register with SSI and to affiliate to our centers, simply choose you the link of the according island below

If parasailing is conducted in the correct way, it definitely is - in the Maldives or anywhere else!

The points to watch out for is the parasailing boat and the condition of the parasailing equipment used. If a parasailing boat is equipped with a start and landing platform on its back and has a winch which releases and rolls in the rope connected to the parachute, it is generally a suitable parasailing boat. ATTENTION PLEASE: You should never ever use a boat for parasailing without those specifications!

If the ropes and parachutes are maintained well and the parasailing activity is conducted during good weather conditions from experienced parasailing staff following all safety considerations, it is one of the safest watersports activities of all!

Especially at high end resorts you can assume that the resort brands make sure that all kind of safety standards are followed and that you are on the safe side...

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