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Hilton Maldives Amingiri’s Housereefs! We are in the lucky situation to have two reefs next door. One, the famous “Underwater Habitat by Sub Oceanic” is accessible directly from the shore and less than 1 minute walk away from the dive center. The second house which is called “Neru Faru” is a short 2 minute boat ride away. But let’s go one by one.. Underwater Habitat by Sub Oceanic is a unique reef project which has made it widely through the news. The concept is straight forward and actually pretty simple, but so far the first one to be executed worldwide. The idea of enriching a lagoon by creating shelter of sustainable and directly accessible materials without creating any additional CO2 through production or transport. The materials are assembled and placed under scientific advice from our resident marine biologist and aesthetical aspects under the sharp eye of our inhouse master of design and beauty - Anna. Marine life is brought in by providing as much shelter as possible to drifting species like fish larvae or any kind of eggs which can attach on rough surfaces.

Additionally, we collect

broken corals which were damaged through huge waves on the outer reef and would otherwise go under the sand. The whole project was initiated in October 2022 and the amount of marine life attracted and grown is absolutely unbelievable. It has exceeded anyone’s expectations – especially our marine biologists expectations who struggle keeping up counting the amount of species settled in (which are several hundreds!!!). Underwater Habitat starts at a depth of 2 meters and stretches down to a maximum depth of 14 meters. It can be accessed from any diving experience level! Classical species to be observed are clownfish, snappers, parrotfishes, stingrays, lobsters, black tip reef sharks, schools of jackfish, octopus as well as occasionally eagle rays or turtles…

Deeper is also possible

once we head out to Neru Faru, our second Housereef at the barrier of our Lagoon. Neru Faru is located in the channel south of Hilton Maldives Amingiri. It starts from a depth of 2 meters and slopes gently down until around 25 meters. A beautiful and healthy hard coral life awaits our divers and the fish life also has a lot to offer. Hidden Stonefishes, blue-stripped-yellow Snappers, Stingrays, Reef Sharks as well as Turtles and Nurse Sharks. A great place especially for dedicated underwater photographers!

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