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The Thilamaafushi Marine Master’s is a specially designed programme that inspires children, tweens, teens and even adults to connect with the environment around them in the hope of future preservation.

The immersive programme is available in bite-size modules or a full curriculum that is scalable from young children to teens to adults.  Spearheaded by the resort’s marine biologist, topics include atoll topography, coral identification and health monitoring, turtle identification and even ray or shark identification.

The Marine Masters certification is earned by completing four of the following six modules (as of October 2021)

1. Seagrass Hopper 
Venture with our marine biologist into the seagrass meadows with an observation bowl. During the programme you will learn about the importance and specifics of seagrasses, their threats and most importantly experience seagrass in its natural habitat.

2. Mangrove 101 
An immersive experience to learn about the importance mangroves have on the ecological health around the resort. Meet at the marine hub where you will walk to the mangroves and learn about the different marine life and birds that call this unique habitat home.

3. Reef Explorer 
Learn about coral reefs, and different species of corals, their use in the marine environment and their sad fate of recent years. What’s better than truly experience corals than sticking your head under water and get very close to a reef. We invite guests to a great adventure: diving. Depending on the age group and experience level this could be a bubble maker programme for young kids or a trial dive for older children, teens and adults. Experienced divers of all age groups can of course also participate in the programme and have a truly educational dive on our amazing house reef.

4. Turtle Quest 
Embark on an adventure with our marine biologist and snorkel our colourful reefs and home to sea turtles. Learn how to differentiate between different species of turtles and try to get a clear shot of the turtle shield of “your” turtle. We will after the excursion use the picture to identify the turtle. Guests have the unique chance to contribute to Maldivian turtle research, but they can also name new individuals and receive a naming certificate.

5. Ray Bay
We will take some time to talk about rays and sharks, their importance as the top of the food chain and the immense stress they are under. Since the Thilamaafushi house reef is home to a great range of different species, we will visit and identify them. Prepare yourself for a great experience.

6. Plant your own frame
Learn about the coral reef ecosystems and our coral restoration project. This is followed by ‘Build A Reef’, where the guests can get hands-on with our marine biologist, transplanting their own coral frame. This frame is then placed at a suitable location in the lagoon.