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Canareef Dive Center

A PADI authorized dive centre located on the beautiful island of Canareef in the most Southern Addu Atoll, with a multilingual team of dedicated dive professionals. We aim to give our guests an unforgettable and safe underwater experience at one of our 30 spectacular dive sites. Our diving school is located next to the reception and the arrival jetty which is also the gateway to our daily dive adventures.

It is safe to say that diving in Addu Atoll is spectacular! Currents tend to be easier manageable than in other parts of the Maldives, which makes Addu a perfect location for both novice and experienced divers. Our atoll lets you enjoy large manta rays and dive the world famous WWII wreck British Loyalty on the same day. The channels are full of life and big pelagic sightings are not uncommon. Since many of the dive sites are on the outside reefs visibility tends to be well above 20 meters. The inside atoll is home to a large dolphin population who often join boat rides. With a bit of luck it is even possible to meet them under water. Both hawksbill and large green turtles can also be spotted on many dives both inside and outside the atoll. Napoleon wrasses of all sizes are plentiful. However, that is not all: Did we mention the annual whale migration in November?

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Whether you are a seasoned diver or would like to experience the new underwater universe for the first time, we are here to make it happen. Sub Oceanic is located all over the Maldives on three beautiful islands. Our dive center at Canareef is located all the way in the South of the Maldives. Addu is famous for its resident dolphin population, the year round manta point Mudakan and the WW2 wreck British Loyalty. In addition to that Addu features fantastic coral life and a great variety of sharks. Noku Maldives resort is home to the second dive center in Noonu atoll. The diving is famous for the incredible amount of marine life and a desity of fish nowhere else seen in the Maldives. The famous dive sites Orimas Thila and Christmas tree rock are only two of the highlights in Noonu. We are really proud to also have a base on Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi which is located in Shaviyani atoll in the far north of the Maldives. The atoll features great shark dives and an outstanding chance to see manta rays (during the season). Coral life has also been less affected by El Nino and both snorkelling and diving brings you back to the Maldives from 20 years ago. The choice is yours! We are looking forward to welcoming you on any of our islands!

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