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Marine biologist guided dolphin excursion

A holiday in the Maldives is not complete without a dolphin watching trip. Hence, most resorts in the Maldives offer dolphin watching trips. Many boats accidentally chase dolphins and they disappear soon after spotting them. Our marine biologist will accompany selected sunset dolphin cruises to educate participants about these intelligent mammals. People will learn what type of dolphin they see and about the specifics of this sub type.

Dedicated manta snorkeling and diving trips (seasonal)

Encounters with manta rays are surely a highlight  for keen divers and snorkelers. Dive and snorkel trips to cleaning or feeding stations provide the best opportunity for interaction and data collection, and thus for the guests’ active participation in a manta science programme.

During the season, we schedule regular dive and snorkel trips to manta points and feeding stations in the atoll. Our marine biologist will take part in these dive and snorkel trips in order to take photo-ID pictures, educate and interact with guests.

Snorkelling with the marine biologist

Learn about the marine environment on a snorkelling safari with our marine biologist. This is a perfect opportunity for our guests to explore and learn about the behaviour and ecology of marine life.

During this excursion, guests will learn more about the iconic marine wildlife found in the waters of North Male Atoll and will be able to participate in collecting and contributing data alongside the marine scientists for monitoring and research.

For example, guests from Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa would assist researchers by recording, on a standardised survey sheet, the number of rays, sharks, and turtles observed on the trip.

In addition, the health of a reef is monitored in a similar matter. Guests are given a colour comparison chart and record on a standards survey sheet the amount of healthy corals in a defined reef area.

Marine Biology Talks

Educational presentation on marine life, corals, shark, ray and turtle research and conservation initiatives as well as other interesting and relevant ocean ecology topics. Short educational films pertinent to the topic addressed will follow this.