Diving in Addu

Addu Atoll, previously known as Seenu Atoll, is the southernmost atoll of the Maldives. Addu is located 541km from Male in the Southern Hemisphere in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is surrounded by pristine and incredibly blue waters.

It is safe to say that diving in Addu is spectacular!

The atoll has been spared the worst of the coral bleaching of 1998 and we can gaze in awe at stunning and some ot the healthiest corals in the Maldives. Our location lets you enjoy large manta rays and dive the world famous WWII wreck British Loyalty on the same day. In fact, the chance of seeing manta rays is about 98% all year round. The channels are squirming with grey reef sharks and big pelagic sightings are not uncommon. Since many of the dive sites are on the outside reefs visibility tends to be well above 20 meters. The inside atoll is home to a large dolphin population who often join boat rides. The curious and smart mammals love to play in the bow wave and bring joy to young and old alike. With a bit of luck it is even possible to meet them under water. Both hawksbill and massive green turtles can also be spotted on many dives both inside and outside the atoll. Napoleon wrasses of all sizes can be seen everywhere. Sometimes up to 50 animals on one dive. However, that is not all. Did we mention the annual whale migration every November?

Currents tend to be easier manageable than in other parts of the Maldives which makes Addu a perfect location for both novice and experienced divers.

In the mornings we organise two-tank trips to one of our 27 diving spots all over the atoll. We leave at 8:30am and come back at around 1pm after doing two spectacular dives.
In the afternoons we go out for a single dive  for those who like it nice-n-easy and fans of macro without missing out on the sharks and turtles. We invite new arrivals and less experienced divers to join an afternoon trip before going deep on the British Loyalty or jumping into the currents of Manta- Mudakan! Our boat is a traditional Maldivian Dhoni with a toilet, shower and sundeck.

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Diving with us

Our dive school “Sub Oceanic Dive Club” is located right next to the reception and the arrival jetty. This jetty is also our gateway to our daily dive adventures.

We cater for divers, non-divers and wannabe divers:

1. Fun Diving for Certified Divers:
You are in a prime diving spot. Don’t miss out on manta rays, sharks, turtles, dolphins,
an awesome wreck and cave dives.

2. Discover Scuba Diving:
Never dived before and just want to try it once? If you can breathe you can dive! The only danger is that you get hooked!

3. PADI Beginner and Advanced Courses:
Diving is FUN so do your PADI and gain the entry ticket to an amazing underwater world. You are already certified? Livelong learning is the key! Continue your education with an advanced or specialty course.

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